Michael and Megan serve on a team of missionaries and nationals with Pioneer Bible Translators (PBT) in Tanzania.  The East Africa Branch of PBT is currently involved in serving 17 of Tanzania's 127 languages by translating the Bible, literacy, and Scripture Impact ministries with plans to start ministering in more language groups.  Together with their partners, they have finished 10 New Testaments.  Michael currently serves as the facilitator for the Vidunda language.  Megan serves as the translation facilitator for the Kwere language and has helped several language groups develop their alphabets (these languages haven't been written down before).  Michael and Megan currently reside in Morogoro, Tanzania with their daughters Abigail and Evelyn.



Michael grew up in Angola, Indiana in a strong Christian home.  Out of high school he attended Kentucky Christian University for preaching.  There he heard about Bible translation for the first time and that there are millions of people on earth without access to the Bible in a language they understand.  

Outside of ministry Michael enjoys a good cup of coffee and tinkering with electronics.  If you need someone to build a desktop computer for you, Michael would do it for FREE.


Megan grew up in Pawnee, Illinois in a strong Christian home.  She knew from a young age that she wanted to be a missionary.  Out of high school she attended Lincoln Christian University for missions.  There she discovered that Bible translation was a great match up for her love and gifting of language and grammar.

Megan loves linguistics and print books.  She loves paper books, but uses a Kindle paperwhite because it's the only efficient way to get books across the world.  She's also into quilting.  

Abigail and Evelyn

Abigail is the family narrator and fills in all the empty spaces with useful and interesting comments.  She often sets prayers to music and has not yet learned inhibition.  May it be a long time before she does.

Evelyn = chill.  She gives away free smiles and doesn't cry much.  She even smiles in an empty room.